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   The first cat appeared in my life when I was a little girl. It was a domestic black tabby shorthair, often visiting my grandparent's property. I still remember the dignity of his movements, incredible caressing and wisdom in his eyes.

Many years later I moved to Cracow  

where I started to share my life with a cat named Mancia. It was my husband's pet. I've always been a huge animal lover, and was able to connect with animals better then people. One day I said to my husband that one cat in our house is not enough! After all cats give soul to our homes! That is how two new cats appeared in our life: Bazyl and Lola. After some time my other half said that it would be nice to add Maine Coon to our crew. Of course I gladly picked up the subject, and started searching. Shortly after I found our first Maine Coon, and that's how this whole crazyness begun. I lost my head completly ane fell in love with this amazing breed. 


         The idea of starting breeding evolved in my head for a long time. Finally at the beginning of 2013 I made the final decision to become a breeder. 

This whole project is the result of great efforts and deep commitment. The fundamental inspiration that has made this dream possible, is the love and admiration we feel for Maine Coons. These beautiful companions are characterized by how smart, sweet and gentle they are. Exceptional dispositions and temperaments are just part of who they are. 

Their personalities are incredible and their appearance is unmistakable. They are more like puppies than kitties, very affectionate and playful very different to the ordinary cats. 


          We are home based cattery registered  in Cat Club Feniks belonging to Polish Federation Feline - "Felis Polonia" , which is a member of the worlds largest federation FIFe.  All our cats live with us as our family members.


We breed for quality not quantity, and all  kittens are handled with gentleness and care from the moment they are born to ensure that they will be  loving and confident. 

          Our cats are under constant and regular veterinary care provided by dr Dariusz Kobiałka from the Veterinry Clinic - KRAKVET.


We've succeeded passing all exams of Pawpeds G1, G2 and G3 course!

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